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  • Mood: Frustrated
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  • Eating: white rice
  • Drinking: hot coco

everybody it doing it and I figured to make a new fresh journal and sense I don't talk much on here I figured id give it a shot.

here we go~!

What's your real name?
Stefanie Alexia Kosinski

Names you go by?
stef, kingkougra or kougra for short. some call me king every now and then. I have a whole ton of other nick names but those are the names I mostly go by.

How old are you?

How old do you feel/act?

How tall are you?

What's your natural hair color?
dirty blonde ;3

What's your eye color?
blue, but my eyes change color depending on what I wear. yes this is true. other colors they change to are green and grey.

What's your orientation?
straight as fuck! I love guys wwwway to much. especially Asian guys~<3 and somewhat polish guys as well

Are you single, taken or undecided?
happily taken. my man is named Kyle. we've been dating over 3.5 years and it april it'll be our 4 years together~<333 (no he's not Asian. he;s white as he can be)

What do you do in your spare time?
ha! what doent I do. I am a world traveler, convention goer, gamer, artist, athletic, collector of many things, a space creature, and an explorer/adventurist!

What's your job or occupation?
currently I have no job. I am in school to work my hardest on getting my future career

What do you like about yourself?
hm.not sure. I can be very hard on myself so as of right now I can just say the way I look. again im very athletic and skinny as I can be.

What do you dislike about yourself?
a lot of things...

What did your friends notice about you when they first met you?
my friends call me tiny cause im so skinny like a twig against them. XD

What is your belief/religion if you believe in anything at all?
I am catholic. I believe in many things and god himself. yes, I got to church almost every week. I believe from right and wrong such as other things like heaven and hell. I know as of too when I die I will be with god alongside with my friends and family at my side.

Do you drink?
hell gyes!!

Do you smoke?
dear god no!

Who's your best buddy?
a lot of people~<3 I really don't like to nick pick cause I know it hurts peoples feelings when your not pick by a good friend/family of theirs. I feel the same way too about this.

What's your favorite dish?
I am a very picky eater. as of right now ive been eating ALOT of white rice.

What's your favorite drink?
lemonade, water, cola, monster energy~<33

What's your favorite color?

If you had a super power, what would it be?
flying! oh wait- I already haz dat

What's your favorite movie?
oh god don't get me started! mostly animated films. ghibli, Disney, dreamworks, and blue sky's are my fav. productions.

What's your least favorite food?
anything seafood. blah!! although I do try to eat sushi but after I try to eat I want to throw up everytime

 What's the last meal you want before you die?
everything I like on one big table, yup

What do you drive and what would you really like to drive?
I drive a blue Saturn view. I cant say I really enjoy driving all that much. I never did in the first place. I think the only time when I enjoy it is when me and my cousin are together in the car.

What is your most disliked bug?
mosquitos!! oh and ticks!

What pet peeves do you dislike the most?
touching people's stuff without asking. if its not your then don't touch it!! SIMPLE AS THAT

What do you dislike in life?

loud noises, rude people, people with no manners, people who cant control their pets let alone their own kids. also math!

I think the human race it's self. I know it sounds harsh but I really hate up humans. I mean why did god make one race to be so...powerful, controlling, and over whelming. I truly wish I was an animal or everyone was. wouldn't that make the world more happier and peaceful?

well I enjoyed this Meme and I hope many more do this as well~

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  • Drinking: water
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: pokemon x
  • Reading: college books
  • Watching: pokemon x
  • Playing: pokemon x
  • Eating: panda express
  • Drinking: water

heres how to get one!…

  • Mood: Helpful
  • Listening to: okami soundtrack
  • Reading: kingdom hearts manga
  • Playing: kingdom hearts final mix
  • Eating: panda express
  • Drinking: monster


so I want to complete my sora cosplay outfit by finding the "perfect" sora wig. im talking about buying a wig and then have an artist who is good at styling wigs.


if you know anybody that is good please comment below.


yes, ive looked on ebay but god their crappy and I am not good at styling wigs.

  • Mood: Speechless
  • Listening to: kindom hearts soundtrack
  • Reading: game informer
  • Playing: kingdom hearts final mix
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: monster

God I haven't drawn for my self or aaanything is months. I've been stressed, depression, tierd, or when I try to I don't even know what to do when I pick up at pencil besides looking at a blank page.

what is the best way to help get back in drawing?

the only think I can come up with is with designs, drawing my sona's or other people stuff which I rrreally want to do!

I think Im just in some sort of artblock and bad drawing stage in my current life.

maybe trades will help me too?

if you guys have any idea please tell me to help me out~

p.s.- I don't want any comments saying "draw my sona!" *addes ref along with it* NO!! i don't want to hear this shit nor would i want to draw your whatever after that.

i just need something to get back into the groove..


oh! also got the revamped kingdom hearts final mix. god it feels so good to play that game again! I am a HUGE fan of that game and it bring back to much memorizes~

 kingkougra/stef- OUT!

  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Reading: game informer
  • Watching: digimon
  • Playing: animal crossing new leaf
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: monster
got a new laptop~

its an Hp. its my second fav. brand, but my all time fav. is Toshiba, but sadly they don't make as much nor ones I am looking for.

I had to get a new one cause mine was pretty old and wouldn't work anymore.

so ya, that's

kingkougra/stef- OUT!

Devious Journal Entry

Thu Aug 8, 2013, 4:49 PM
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: legend of korra
  • Reading: anmal crossing guide book
  • Watching: digimon
  • Playing: animal crossing new leaf
  • Eating: crackers
  • Drinking: monster

im back, well ive been back for a while now but i just want another mini vacation to

san diego comic-con was amazing like always! i go their every year and its totally fun.

i went on a mini vacation to :icondrakonicknight:'s place which i had a blast like always!

summer is almost over. i still kind of have things that i want to motivate myself to post shit on here...

other then that i oddly have been getting more and more thank you. i will try to post stuff once again.


i will be gone the 9th-12th for another vacation trip, so if your trying to contact me during that time.
please wait!

yo-k thats all i gotta say.

kingkogura/stef- OUT!

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  • Listening to: animal crossing music
  • Reading: anmal crossing guide book
  • Watching: HTTYD
  • Playing: animal crossing new leaf
  • Eating: sandwich
  • Drinking: water

well back again. sorry it took so long as soon as i got home i just wanted to rest then after that it was back to cleaning and fixing up the house.

France was fun. not at awesome as Japan but it was fun.

been playing alot of animal crossing. if you like to add me my number is 2793-1113-2710

in other news...San Diego comic-con is on the horizon!

gyes, i will be there this whole con thurs-sunday.

cosplays im bring are....rainbow dash, stef (my oc) luxray, and maybe female sora (i dont have the complete set so i just cosplay more girl like)

i don't have any dates of what days i am gonna cosplay cause i don't know what certain things will out of certain days.

if you are going to comic-con. we can hang out if you like.

my twitter is- kingkougra1

tweet me if u want to hang or something~

yo-k thats all i got

kingkougra/stef- OUT!
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  • Listening to: animal crossing music
  • Reading: anmal crossing guide book
  • Watching: once piece
  • Playing: animal crossing new leaf
  • Eating: panda express
  • Drinking: soda

I'm back! but...i will leaving again soon...hah;

well I'm back to Japan from my 3 week study abroad trip for the second time. i have to say, japan is such a beautiful place to go to. the sites are so beautiful and and people are amazing there as well. i truly want to live there...i miss japan so much.

to any of those thinking on going to a country to visit and have a good vacation. go to japan! you will not regret it! it's a beautiful place to go see.

other things....oh ya! Anime central! i went their before i left to japan and i had a blast like always.

I WILL BE OUT OF THE COUNTRY AGAIN TO FRANCE from June 19 till July 3. so that means i'll be gone for 2 weeks.

so please note that it will be hard for me to reply or not reply at all. i wont know if I'll be able to get wifi out there or not. so if your trying to contact me PLEASE WAIT!

also i got animal crossing~ my code is 2793-1113-2710
comment to add your code it the comments and i'll friend ya~
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  • Reading: school books
  • Watching: father of the pride
  • Playing: lineplay
  • Eating: apple
  • Drinking: water
Hi guys~!

I am heading to Japan again for study abroad. yes I'm doing it again cause i loved it so much!

i'll be gone till May 18-june 7th so if you guys are trying to note or talk to me don't think I'm ignoring you or anything.

Wifi is hard to find out there plus for me to have free time to sit down and go through shit will be hard when clearly im in a different country wanting to go on an adventure then sitting in a room, at a screen read and looking and stuff. please understand that i want to go out relax, and enjoy my trip.

A-cen! yes i will be at anime central like always, but only for one day. i'll be there friday so be on the look out if you want to find me. i'll be wearing my sona badges and also costuming as my hallofox char, fang which was made by the lovely :icondrakonicknight:. so be on the look out~!

other then that i'm just getting ready to leave for japan and start my summer vacation!

kingkougra/stef- out!
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  • Watching: wolf children
  • Playing: lineplay
  • Eating: cake
  • Drinking: soda
who is ready for a-cen?!!!

I AM!!!!

  • Mood: Hump
  • Reading: books
  • Watching: wolf children
  • Playing: lineplay
  • Eating: cake
  • Drinking: soda
i noticed alot of people have been posting jounrals like doing questions and answers.

might as well post i guess.

comments below if you got a question for me.
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  • Watching: jersey shore
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  • Eating: poptart
  • Drinking: water
My spring break has started for me~ yay!!!

i'm flying out to FL to visit family and of course, Disney!!!

might be able to upload stuff when i get back (if i have the time and engery that is)

Disney world here i come!!
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  • Reading: b-day cards
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  • Playing: lineplay
  • Eating: candy
  • Drinking: water
had an amazing birthday yesterday and i want to say thank you to everybody who commented, shouted, journal posted, spammed, or gifted me with birthday wishes.

i got them on here, FA, twitter, LJ, friends, family, as well as at school.

thank you everybody! it truely means alot to me~<333
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  • Reading: art books
  • Watching: RoTG
  • Playing: lineplay
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: water
Its my birthday today~!!
  • Mood: Lust
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  • Reading: art books
  • Watching: one piece
  • Playing: lineplay
  • Eating: chips
  • Drinking: lemon water
edit: i made an account on line play. it's sooo cute and so uch fun. add me if you like~

i'm kingkougra on there

Wow, i cant believe march is already here...

i got some things going on in this month so i guess i should say what i'll be doing.

first, its the month of my b-day!! yaaayyy!!! i'm born on march 18th and turn 20 this year....oh god! @_@ i'm pretty happy my b-day is coming up though so i hope i'll have a fun day or some party or something.

midterms are coming up so if i disappear here and there, you know why

i get my spring break around easter so i'll be heading to FL, Orlando area to go to the disney parks. yay disney!!

i do have some more art that i need to post so i'll try and do that...when i have the energy...

also, i'm taking out alot of photos from my photo account, :iconspacekougar1: i want to just post stuff of my cosplay and not much of others cosplay annymore. its just alot of work and it makes me not want to use it anymore, so now i'm just gonna use it for more related things towards me is all. it is heavily under work right now.

in the mean time, if you want to see more awesome art, go to my cousin. :iconkoolkat99xo: her work is wonderful~
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So the new sly cooper game came out not to long ago and i preordered the played it on the day it came out. which i already beat, but all i got to say is that the game is just awesome!

so the reason i haven't been active anywhere is because of this. i'm just going back now to collect everything cause theirs a secret end if you collect all the stuff in the game.

if anybody needs to talk or has been, sorry ive just been away and it feels good to be away from the internet everynow and then.

yo-k thats all i gotta say

kingkougra/Stef- *goes back playing video games*
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I hope everybody has been doin good.

Ive been ok, i got sick and been like this for a while so i havent been to active, also have been getting ready for the holidays like putting up stuff and just barley getting gifts for my family.

Oh! For those who sent out x-mas cards i have not gotten anything yet but hopefully i will soon. Thank u so much who did! I will try to do a drawing when or if i have time.

I hope everybody is having a great holiday and i wish u all merry christmas~

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so it's finals week at my school which means things will be slow. i'll get back to things when it's all over.

also, for art i will be putting them up hopefully on x-mas break when school ends with finals.

that is all~

stef/kingkougra- OUT!
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OMG...!! MFF was just amazing!!

i had such a blast! it goes by so-so fast...i can't wait till next year!

big thank you to :icondrakonicknight: for everything, you rock!!